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Cashew Nut

An exciting blend of vegetables in a sweet sauce, topped with golden brown cashews.

*Served with your choice of meat

Chicken / Beef / Tofu / Pork - 16.25 $

Shrimp - 17.25 $

Seafood - 19.00 $


Tamarind Salmon

Salmon fillets grilled on a layer of mixed vegetables, topped with a mildly sweet and sour tamarind sauce.

19.00 $


Eggplants mixed with vegetables, onion and fresh basil sauce.

Chicken / Beef / Tofu / Pork - 16.00 $

Shrimp - 18.00 $

Seafood - 19.25 $

*All house specialties include serving

of steamed jasmine rice.

Stir Fried Curry (Pad Panang) 

Panang is a curry similar to the red curry with mixed vegetables. The heat is turned down by adding coconut milk.

Sweet and Sour Stir Fry 

A blend of cucumber, pineapple and tomatoes in a Thai sweet and sour sauce.

Five Flavours 

A wonderful blend of mixed vegetables with tender cutlets of meat stir fried with a five spice sauce.


Thai Sweet Basil 

Basil is the king of herbs in Thai cuisine. When used in this stir fry the basil gives off an anise like flavour with a sweet aroma and taste.


Ginger Stir Fry

The savoury sauce with it’s sweet ginger flavour will satisfy your hunger for fine spices.

Lemongrass Stir Fry

Mixed vegetables stir fried in a minced lemongrass sauce.

Mango Or Pineapple

Your choice of fruit is stir fried with a variety of mixed vegetables. Perfect if you are craving a refreshing tropical and exotic entree.




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